Polish Saturday School safe return to work

14th September 2020

This guidance is to be read in conjunction with the school risk assessment  for a safe return to school / work. A copy will be emailed to all staff.

Primary schools

• At least 1 metre physical distancing between all adults and between adults and children wherever possible

• There will be a 2 metres physical distancing between adults in staff room / areas where staff congregate inside for over 15. This is because if a member of staff tested positive, they will be contact traced and all direct contacts, those within 2 metres for than 15 minutes would be considered a direct contact and need to self- isolate for 14 days.

• No physical distancing required between children within class or year group bubbles

• Continued hand hygiene and enhanced cleaning Bubbles

All children will be in a bubble of their year group. They will be in the same classroom, with the same adult most of the time, access the same toilet and play in an allocated part of the playground. Children cannot mix between bubbles/year groups. Within their bubble, they do not need to maintain physical distancing, however, they must maintain 1m physical distancing with all adults in school and should be reminded that physical distancing (currently 1m) is applicable out of school. Each bubble will be allocated a toilet (see below).

Cleaning Touch points such as door handles, light switches, taps etc will be cleaned regularly.

 Surfaces such as tables and chairs the same. This will be managed within each bubble. Where safe to do so, doors can be propped open to increase ventilation and reduce use of door handles. Cleaning will include:

10-11 keyboards, toilets, taps, locks, gates, handrails

11.30 staffroom and staff toilets

12-1 keyboards, toilets, taps, locks, gates, handrails

Start/end of the day

A timetable for the start and finish of the day has been set up.

 There will be different start/finish times. Please be aware of these, parents have been asked to be punctual, particularly at home time. It has been noted that because children are often asymptomatic, they would not show a temperature so there is no point taking their temperature on entry.

Staggered start times (email of start/pick up time – either 9.15 / 9.20 / 9.25 –  1.15/1.20/1.25 has been sent to parents)

It is important that children are dropped off and collected at the allocated time. This is for the safety of adults, who need to maintain one metre physical distancing between adults and keep close contact to less than 15 minutes. The only parents allowed on site in the morning will be Reception and Y1 parents, who will drop their kids at the gate. Children from Y2-Y6 will come onto the school site without an adult, entering through their designated door.

Reduce the use of shared resources

• Limit the amount of shared resources and wherever possible clean between the use of different groups of children

• Shared materials and surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected frequently and must be cleaned between use by different bubbles of children Consider the risks / benefits of the activities and resources you use with the children:

• Keep separate resources for your children where possible (children bring their own pencil cases)

• All children eat their lunches in the classrooms

• No sharing of food, cutlery, crockery or self-service of food should take place

• Hard toys are preferred, as these can be wiped clean after play

• The condition of toys and equipment should be part of the monitoring

process and any damaged item that cannot be cleaned or repaired should be discarded

• Stop using soft toys and dressing up costumes

• Modelling and play dough should only be used if you dispose of after use or can store this for each child separately and this is not shared between other children

• All resources should be cleaned and wiped regularly

• For younger children physical contact is necessary and essential for positive brain development. Ensure you follow the hygiene rules and ensure you minimise any risk with regular hand-washing and by ensuring that daily personal hygiene is maintained

• Children should be supported in age appropriate ways to understand the steps they can take to keep themselves safe including regular hand-washing and sneezing into a tissue

• Children should be supported to understand the changes and challenges they may be encountering as a result of COVID-19 and staff need to ensure they are aware of children’s attachments and their need for emotional support at this time

• Equipment used by staff such as stationery, tablets etc. should be allocated to individual staff members where possible and cleaned regularly

Staggered pick up times

All children will be dismissed from the designated area at their allocated time.

Please be punctual. Siblings will be in the same drop off and pick up time.

Parents will be asked to maintain physical distancing and not gather in the playground.


Fire procedure

The procedure in response to the fire alarm remains the same until reaching the gathering point in the playground. Each adult should ensure that they are 1m apart from one another and physically distanced from other bubbles

First Aid

Where possible, children should administer this under the supervision of an adult. If it’s not appropriate to wait for a parent, administer it. This should be the adult from the child’s bubble where possible.

Hand washing

Children should wash their hands on entry, before eating, after breaks and before going home. Guidance is approx. 5 times a day. Soap and water for 20 seconds and dried with a paper towel. Each classroom also has hand sanitiser. Continue to follow ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ advice and follow hand washing poster guidance displayed throughout the school.

Illness / symptoms and isolation procedure

The contamination room near Nursey is the isolation room. If a child or adult displays symptoms they will asked to isolate here until such time as they can be collected. This room will be cleaned afterwards in line with the cleaning strategy.

Any symptoms which develop at home should be checked using the helpline 445566. Advice will be taken from the tracing team should a positive case be confirmed.


Bubbles must be kept apart. Each bubble will be allocated an area. Children should exit the building directly where possible to avoid unnecessary traffic in corridors. Use of the outdoors is encouraged throughout the day for exercise, breaks and learning.

Reception and Year 1 will use the designated play area from 10.15 -10.30

Years 2,3,7 will use the designated play area from 10.15-10.30

Years 4,5,6 will use designated play area from 10.30-10.45


Reception, Year 1 will use the designated outside area from 11.30-11.50 then eat 11.50-12.10

Years 2 and 3 will eat from 11.30-11.50 then use the designated play area from 11.50-12.10

Years 4,5  6 and 7 will use the designated play area from 12.10-12.30 (eating time 11.50-12.10) 

Staff learning log and feedback

A book will be set up to log concerns, action taken etc as an ongoing learning log. Justyna will  record in it, to avoid contamination


Each bubble will be allocated a bathroom:

Reception will use the two right-hand cubicles in Reception

Year 1 will use the toilets near their class

Year 2 will use their own toilets (seperate for each year group, in the corridor)

Years 3 and 4 will use their  toilets with allocated cubicles for each year group

Years 5 and 6 ,7 will use their normal toilets with allocated cubicles for each year group

One child per time allowed in and signs will be on display. Paper towels will be available and hand dryers switched off.


Parents will not be allowed in the building. If they need to speak to Miss Dominika or Miss Justyna they will need to phone or email and entry will need to be arranged in advance. 

Wellbeing checks for staff

This is a difficult time for us all. We are a strong team and we always support one

another. Look out for people, notice their worries and offer to listen. Dominika or Justyna will offer any help as necessary.